Knock knock-open your heart.

You cannot keep the doors shut and expect the best guests at the best house party.
You need to open the door-open your heart to the miracle called Life.

Life is full of so many doors, have the courage- open one.

Some will rush in,like that’s all they ever wanted.These squirrels come in scanning  with big curious eyes.

Some don’t have any purpose in life. So they’ll just follow the herd like a trackless sheep.
Some jumping jacks will misuse your stuff, maybe break it.

Some lazy pandas will just watch the others.
Some caterpillars will break the stereotypes and emerge with their new found identities-butterflies.
Some you’ll find engrossed in conversation that would change their lives forever-the wise owls.
And some will have the best time but when they’ll return would do nothing but criticize and bitch-the foxes

Then there will be some who will en-capture you such, that you wouldn’t feel there is someone else around-the gazelles.

Some will have their firsts, some will have their lasts.
No one will have their next morning the same.

So open your heart-take risks-let life pulsate from you.


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