50 shades of Moon

Moon gets its Roman name Luna from “lunar” meaning “to shine.”

The goddess of the Moon was called Luna and Diana by the Romans, Selene and Artemis by the Greeks, and many other names in other mythologies.

Living away from home, the moon has always been my ‘Night guardian’, patrolling me when I have been out strolling with romantic dates; inspiring me when I’m sitting in my balcony , writing; lighting my way on my solo trials  and lifting my spirits up on a gloomy day end.

All these years the heavenly bodies has been a source of constant reminder about the power of the creator-the mere fact that someone is out there who could create such a magnificent universe and continue to preserve it fills me with great strength and much faith.

The New Moon
The New Moon

Its past time I thought I should write about the various shades of moon that continue to amuse me.

The New Moon : The new moon is my least favorite. Its smoky  and feeble. It reminds me of those little puppies who keep hiding behind their owner’s legs when they are introduced to strangers. They just don’t wanna talk and would rather observe than come out and play.

cresent 2
The Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon : The seductress  as I love to call it. Its shiny  and the sharp edges reminds me of the sense of humor of those 10/10 female fatales.Oh so tantalizing!

This phase of moon is just like a beautiful goddess bathed in light calling you with a ‘Come Hither’ look .

The Full Moon

The Full Moon:  The pale colured  ‘KesarRas-Malai’  as I love to call it  ,gets so huge on the night-enough that it feels like a heavy-huge celestial body that would fall upon us.It reminds me of my grandmother(and her protective bosom), who could  give a stern look with warm eyes to ward any evil off me. Its so hug-a-ble!!!

The EOD moon

The EOD(every other day)  moon: Just like its description its the everyday moon. I call out a “Whatsup man?” the moment i leave my office building and it accompanies me to my walk home, filling me with all its cosmic stories.
This one sometimes creeps outside my bedroom’s window  when  I’m up really late, writing. Its such a re-assurance.

Who knew our only satellite had so many faces for so many people. Funnily we can only see the near face of the moon(since its has a synchronous orbit ).Who knows what secrets the far side of the moon holds?

I laugh with  the moon, cry with the moon, talk with the moon  and fall in love with it each and every night.(such a stalker though!)

The moon is a beautiful lesson reminding us that some things will never leave us. A perfect throwback for the transient nature of life .


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