How this river’s advice can alter your life.

Ever thought what all ,a river rushing by sees and feels as it travels across all those land forms  to meet the sea?  Wondered what all lessons it has to teach us? Lets plunge in and find out.

1. No matter what,the river goes on. Tragedies happen-Life changing car accidents .So does weddings and celebrations by the river side.The river  takes a moment to dwell and then moves on. Life should not stop either.

Life changing by the River
Life changing by the river
Life changing by the river

2. Even if there is a big obstruction,a big rock in the river’s  way, know that through patience and persistence it finds a way around it even if it’s a little streamlet. NO obstruction in life is big enough either.

3. In the winters when its too cold ,the river  freezes.But not forever, our life too is filled with stops , none permanent.

4. The river which runs uninterrupted makes us witness  its most exotic and wild form.Same is with life- when you let yourself be yourself,  the  most beautiful you will emerge.

Be yourself-that’s beauty.

5. What separates the stream of water parting away from the river  and paving its own way from the ones who moves along the fixed path  ‘forever’? Its  the belief and hard work that makes those rebellious little streams of water pave there  own headway and segregate from the main course. Now think again, do you really should give up your true dreams?.

6. However small the river,  it is a source of existence and nourishment for  all size-shape of flora-fauna. No matter how small you are,never underestimate your power to  help someone grow ,exist and inspire.


7. However treacherous, tough the path of any river be-nothing can stop it from reaching the sea. Same is with life and the fulfilling of your destiny.

8. A small river emerges from a huge womb like glacier ,then passes by the plains as a little bubbling brook-an ever excited infant. By the time it reaches the sea, its huge and has traversed so many  experiences, completely changing its energy to calm and lingering thoughtfulness much like our mature selves.Experiences are gateway to growth.

The mother’s womb

9. Remember nothing external to the river has any force upon it-No change can occur upon the river unless it wills upon with its internal force. Same is with our  life, nothing changes if nothing changes.

10. No matter what color,what creed ,anyone who jumps in the river has an equal probability of drowning if they don’t swim. We all have the same blood-bone-flesh inside.Life may not give us equal opportunities but it gives equal ability to harness the opportunity. Carpe Diem-Seize the day!

So look close, hear clear ,the nature is telling us its secrets.


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