Red Hot Passion!

So I was roaming about in a local mall post watching a movie . I saw a book seller selling some posters. My roommate is a huge fan of Avengers so I thought, ”Lets buy her a poster”. As I browsed through the stack of 100 something posters on One Direction,Budha,GOT,Messi, Sherlock , more One Direction my eyes stopped at a poster of a ballerina . Now that’s unlike me .Im not a girly like girl but something in that Poster girl fixated me towards her. I bought her home (Oh forget about the avengers poster, will you!).

I stick her up on my cupboard with a surgical tape(My landlady wouldn’t have liked me nailing her). I sat down cross legged looking at her, figuring out what’s so captivating in her? Is it the Hell Like background? Is it the Near perfect figure? Is it the up to mark ballet finesse?


After an epiphany moment I realized it  wasn’t any of these. It was the red hot passion emancipating from the poster. The passion the poster girl had for ballet which reflected in her eyes, in her technique, in her being one with the surroundings. That is what fixated me. Well I don’t know if you guys out there know but being passionate for something is a total turn on!

Psychology defines passion as follows: Passion is defined as a strong inclination toward a self-defining activity that people like (or even love), find important, and in which they invest time and energy on a regular basis. For me it means commitment, it means not sleeping till the goal is reached, it means giving a sister emotion to  the co-twins ‘ambition’ and ‘doing what you like’. Unfortunately this is something a lot of people  these days struck in the corporate rat race are looking for-struggling to find what they are passionate about-following it.

Your passion can be as complex as “being an Astronaut”  or  as soul-nourishing as keeping your family happy-no judgments. Certainly the heat,the glow of passion, the sweet fruit at the end is all worth that hard work .So take out some time reflecting back on life trying to find your passion and wake up every morning, working your ass off for it.

P.S If you wanna check out some hot ballet passion and its dark side, see  Natalie Portman’s Black Swan’s trailer here:

and an amazing TED Talk on How to Find your passion:

 Happy reading!


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