10 emotions you go through boarding a flight.

  1. The moment you spot the pilot looking your way- Some one catch me I’m gonna die.Put up your best smile,flutter your eye lids!Audrey-bats-her-eyelashes.gif
  2. You enter the aisle and see all class of people shuffling places, keeping their bags in compartments- aiming for window seats. You eye your seat-Oh god please no kid behind me.Oh god please a handsome foreigner besides me.tumblr_n2iedgyMIY1s8hnhko1_400.gif
  3. You sit by the window all set, the plan starts moving on the runway-okay its not that fast and then Shit! Am I in a rocket ?v5petmdtprbddwrghjai.gif
  4. The scenery of ground zooms in as you climb –you realize how the it  looks just like Google Earth images.That’s ma home!earth-zoom-o.gif
  5.  I’m 5.8 so when I see these pretty tall air-hostesses serving I always double check to see if they were wearing heels – Now I know why I don’t see so many tall girls around because they are not on the ground.giphy

  6. You go through the menu card on plane and close it within a minute. I’m poor and I’m not hungry.tumblr_mhtefmTc3B1s2znmio1_500.gif
  7. Air Turbulence. Please fasten your seat belts- Yea baby, it feels like im in a fighter jet when the wings of the plane flutter.roller coaster.gif
  8. North india  is 100% plain in geography and on seeing the first huge water body im like– looking down from the window wide eyed..Noooo ..Is this the Arabian sea???Noooo, yeaaaa.6107911.gif
  9. The screeching brakes- Oh no, Oh no, this plane will never stop , we’ll go straight into the sea. I’ll hug everyone on the plane if we land safely.2f5c3f9230c7949a3b93d81e779e0943.gif 
  10. Getting off the plane to a feeder bus-Everyone is watching you walk!pppppp.gif


Just a  funny little take on flights.Why don’t you guys  comment your experiences in a plane. Happy reading!



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