10 signs you are getting over your Ex.

  1. You can stare dead in their eyes and not feel a single emotion(really any).


2. When all your favorite songs are no longer linked with them.


3. When you can finally enjoy looking at the other sex and be like.


4. When you can stay sane and not get overly conscious when in the same room with them.


5. When you dress up pretty just for yourself.


6. When you are no longer stalking their social profile.


7. When you start realizing there are bigger things in life to accomplish.


8. When a single reference of them doesn’t take you back to that time.


9. When you start seeing the heartache as a learning experience than misery.



10. You no longer feel their absence haunting your existence and you can finally breathe freely ; other people can see and appreciate that.



The Show must go on 🙂 Those who are meant to stay, stay no matter what.




Violence is never the answer.

When  JAT reservation protests and vandalism  is what you are hearing all  around,my ears were no exception. The visuals and audios are as horrid as the loss of life and property which is unfortunate since things can always be talked around(it ended in talking right?).

But life goes on so does finding humor in difficult times.

So on everyday transit to work I stop a rickshaw puller and be like:

Me:   “Ericsson building Bhaiya, chalo.”

Rickshaw puller:“ Aarakshan? “

Me(Wide eyed): “ Nahi Nahi Ericsson building!”

Rickshaw puller: “..Haan madam  Aarakshan”.

Me(Rolling my eyes): “Haan bhaiya chalo”


Witty Comebacks #2

Siting in a private bus and next to a middle aged man who loved sprawling his legs  and kept on “accidentally” touching my arm on the hand rest was having a hell of a time en route to chandigarh.

I kept on ignoring him ,hoping glaring back at him would work, till he crossed his limits and grazed my leg. And then i  spoke in the most calmest voice(almost Morgan Freeman like) he could expect, “Leg space kamm pad rahi hai uncle?” (Translation: short of leg space sir?).

That was enough to keep him statue for the next 4 hours.main-qimg-d6b99ba0ac1445313d80f45bdc650dbf